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Eastbourne and Wealden RAYNET

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DMR Inaugural Open Meeting -Hailsham Fire Station - Commencing at 19:30hrs
Terms and Conditions
RAYNET is a national organisation of voluntary groups of Radio Amateurs and radio enthusiasts dedicated to provide a comprehensive communications system to assist the Emergency Services, Voluntary Emergency Services and the community.

• RAYNET, under the terms of the amateur radio licence, is permitted to pass messages on behalf of *
• Any UK Police force, Fire & Rescue service or Ambulance trust.
• HM Coastguard
• Local Authority Emergency Planning Officers
• Any health authority
• Any government department
• British Red Cross
• St John Ambulance
• St Andrew’s Ambulance Association
• Salvation Army
• Any utility service
*These are known as User Services

• RAYNET provides it services free of charge and is on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
• RAYNET relies on the subscriptions from its members and donations from users to cover the Groups operating expenses and to continue its work for the community.
• RAYNET is a charitable non-profit making organisation.

Non- Emergency Events

• To enable RAYNET to provide the best possible service it is helpful if users assist by adhering to the following guidelines:

Before the Event

• RAYNET groups receive many requests for assistance particularly between May and November. Contact RAYNET as early as possible requesting assistance, giving the date, location and duration.

• Arrange an early meeting with the Group Controller to discuss your requirements.

• Provide a letter from a recognised *User Service Requesting RAYNET assistance at the event.

• Provide maps and 6 figure map references clearly indicating the exact location of check points or other points where radio coverage is required to enable risk assessments of check points to take place prior to the event.

• Full information is required at least one month prior to the event, with a final update not less than 10 days before the event.

• Brief your personnel and other Voluntary Emergency Services of RAYNET’s role in the event.

• Ensure the local Police are aware of the event and that RAYNET is providing communications.
Group Contacts

• First line contact: Mr. R.P. Jeffries G4KAR,Group Controller,
22 Ingrams Way, Hailsham, East Sussex. BN27 3NP
• Tel: 24Hour Contact number 08445 852768

• Second line contact: Mr.A.Young, G6SDP, 61 Willoughby Crescent,
Eastbourne. BN22 8RB

• Tertiary contact: Mr. J. Eade, G8AJP, White Cottage, Whatlington, Battle,East Sussex, TN33 0NL
• E-Mail:

During the event

• Provide a key person whom can make operational decisions. Its important to note that RAYNET’s role is to pass messages not to make operational decisions.

• RAYNET members do not provide First Aid cover or act as event Marshals.

• Please ensure that marshals and the First Aid cover organisation are aware they should be available until the event is officially complete. RAYNET will pass stand down messages to the out stations and check points on behalf of the organisers.

• RAYNET will provide a distinctly and conspicuously marked communications control unit for most events.

• RAYNET members wear conspicuously marked yellow tabards and carry ID cards.

• RAYNET members have insurance cover for third party liability.

• A brief chronological log of messages passed is maintained by the RAYNET control staff.

• If refreshments are being provided for the marshals please afford the same facility to the RAYNET personnel.

After the Event

• RAYNET will be pleased to attend any debrief of the event during an evenings or at weekends.

Expenses and Donations

• RAYNET members provide their services and radio equipment free and assist at events two or three weekends per month from May through to the end of November. Most event organisers wish to cover RAYNET members expenses and make a donation to the group.

• RAYNET can only continue to provide its service by receiving generous donations from its users.
• The following points are made as a guide only to the reasonable expenses that may be incurred during events these include:

• Any car parking charges.

• Admission charges to restricted or chargeable areas

• A mileage allowance of 25p per mile, where claimed, this may include mileage for pre-meetings, risk assessments of check points etc. *See Note 1

• Any donation is welcome, the amounts received vary from £100 for short events with a small number of RAYNET radio operators and from £300 for a day long events involving one RAYNET group and a larger number of RAYNET radio operators.

• Large events covering a wide geographical area involving several RAYNET groups or protracted events may attract larger sums. These donations are divided between the participating groups.

• Donations should be made payable to “Eastbourne & Wealden RAYNET Group”. BACS information is available in request.

Note 1. RAYNET pays 25p per mile to it’s members from RAYNET Group funds, where claimed, regardless of whether a donation and or expenses are received from Event Organisers. Some members are able to fund the fuel costs and do not claim, others, particularly those who are retired, appreciate the reimbursement of travelling expenses.
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